We believe in the power of the
teamwork to build great experiences

We exist to develop communities where people can experience a lifestyle without a constraint of space and amidst nature. We have paved the way to make land investments hassle free, effortless and transparent that will enable millions to transact with trust while they create their dream abode for their family and grow their wealth!!


The idea of "Agrocorp" was incepted while we were building multi-storey buildings in North India.


Agrocorp has grown to a team of more than 36 talented individuals.

10 Million

Since 2016, we have developed and delivered more than 10 million square feet of living spaces spread across 7 projects.

Agrocorp Landbase (P) Limited is a premiere realty company headquartered in Bengaluru: The IT Capital of India and its focus have been to create its mark in the land investment and premium second homes segment.

"Land" is the most desired investment asset class in India due to its rewarding & steady return on investment over time but to due its unorganised nature, it is still unexplored by the public at large. Agrocorp was incepted in 2012, with the intention of simplifying and organising the concept of land investment while creating value that not only simplifies the process of land investment but makes the whole concept effortless and more desirable.

With a background in residential and commercial real estate development, our management has hand-picked a team of dedicated professionals whose main focus is to develop value investment products which can be transacted with ease, trust & transparency which are bundled with efficient customer service delivered with highest levels of customer satisfaction.

Our Team

Ayan Nagpal

Managing Director

Arush Nagpal

Managing Director

Vikash Kumar Arya

President: Sales & Business Development

Saummay Sinha

General Manager: Sales & Business Development

Gaurav Verma

General Manager: Sales & Business Development

Vipin Shishodia

General Manager: IT & Digital Marketing

Sumit Kumar

General Manager: Accounts & Finance

Deepak Rajakumar

Manager: Operations & Business Development

Our Values

  1. Be the Customer

    Developing deep empathy for our customer's needs, challenges, and dreams are critical to ensuring we do those well. We want to provide the same standard of products & services to our customers that we would want for ourselves.

  2. Lifestyle is Not a Luxury

    We believe that a great lifestyle should be available to everyone, and we are relentless in our pursuit to provide a great lifestyle product for every segment of the society.

  3. Encourage Creativity

    Ideas can come from anyone or anywhere, but they are fragile and require space to develop and grow. We believe the creative process is critical to our success, and we seek to encourage it as we develop new directions for our product, people and company.

  4. Build the Ideal

    We seek to shape the future of our industry by conceiving and building communities with value proposition, safety and convenience. To do this, we explore and conceive big ideas, build great teams while also recognising that pursuit of perfection is a process that requires constant iteration.

Our Journey

What started as a pursuit to acquire land for self use, became a huge opportunity for us to pursue seeing the land investment segment in India is still unorganised or vests in hands of the select few.

Our passion for innovation, scalability and service led us to create a concept which was a combination of investment and leisure which fulfils the desire of every segment in the ecosystem to experience a lifestyle living and at the same time makes land investment organised and affordable: