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Owning an abode in the majestic serenity of nature is a dream for every city-dweller in today's time that they want to live. We at Agrocorp Landbase Private Limited, have successfully delivered the vision of managed farm communities where people can build their own farmhouse near bangalore city, "the paradise of their choice", nestled in nature with security, convenience and customisation.

It's a unique combination of investment & leisure in one of the most rewarding and time tested asset classes i.e "Land".

Owning a farmhouse surrounded by nature is a household dream in our country. The four major hurdles in setting up a farmhouse are:

  1. To identify and source a good parcel of land within the budget.
  2. To undertake the legal verification.
  3. To develop the required infrastructure.
  4. To manage day to day maintenance.

With Agrocorp, owning your farmhouse will be an experience which eliminates all the hurdles and makes it as easy as choosing the location of the farm in the community.

We Create What you Dream

We develop farm spaces which fulfil the dream of every family to own a piece of nature where they can create their personal space, connect to their roots, take up farming as a hobby alongwith investing effortlessly in most time tested asset class i.e. "land" located in a strategic investment zone.

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Custom Land Size
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Verified Land Titles
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Developed Infrastructure
Fully Managed Farmhouse Plots
Managed Services

We Grow Opportunites...

"Land" is the one of the most desired asset class amongst real estate investors in India as it has given high and steady returns always. Although it is the most desired, it is also one of the most capital intensive and complicated asset classes and not everyone can buy land in acres. The major challenges in land investment are:

  1. Identifying a suitable land parcel which has strategic location & accessibility.
  2. Verification of the legal paperwork.
  3. Unorganised dealing and absence of trusted acquisition company.
  4. Affordability: As most land parcels with accessibility will be large in size.

With Agrocorp you can now own your farmhouse and invest in the most desired asset class i.e. "land" in an affordable budget, strategic location, accessibility, organised and trusted channel with all legal paperwork verified and with many amenities developed.

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At Agrocorp, your farmhouse plot is nestled in a gated community with all your basic requirements like security, electricity and water, internal access roads, boundary with plantation, gates already in place.

Now the canvas is ready for you to transform your dreams into reality. At Agrocorp, we offer end to end solutions for you to be able to design and develop your farm as per your imagination and requirement.

Agrocorp offers end to end solutions for:

  1. Community Planning, Development and Management.
  2. Construction Services.
  3. On Site Assistance.
  4. Plantation Setup & Management

The year 2020 has been a transformational year for Agrocorp and going forward we are now foraying into fully serviced farm communities which will offer exclusive farms built around world themes and premium amenities to keep our communities vibrant and engaging.

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At Agrocorp, our vision is to enable you to create a lifestyle living for you and your family. A home away from home where you can indulge and engage with your family surrounded by nature away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

At the same time, we believe that your hard earned money invested in creating this lifestyle should also grow and reap a handsome return on investment over time.

Return on Investment can be classified into short, medium and long term returns.

Agrocorp Farms are located in one of the promising investment zones of the Southern India today. With more than 200+ corporates spread across 30,000 acres and billions of dollars being invested in the region, you are bound to accrue multifold long term gains in realty value.

Along with strategic location advantage, we offer a bouquet of plantation and agri-tourism investments which are bound to satisfy the short, medium & long term investment goals of an individual in addition to the experience of a lifestyle everyone dreams to have for their family.

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A Gift for Future Generations
Hobby Farming
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Rural Job Creation
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